Chippewa Renaming Committee Will Shortlist Five Names


The Chippewa Renaming Committee continues its work of bringing Widdifield, Fricker and Chippewa staff and students together under one new name and identity as part of the consolidation process.

Committee members were pleased with the number of suggested names provided by the community via survey, which closed March 30, 2023, noting that some trends and themes emerged. The submissions sparked fulsome and collaborative discussion as members discussed name submissions and how each aligned with the criteria outlined in the School Openings, Closures and Consolidation Administrative Guideline. As per the Terms of Reference, the final names brought forward will not perpetuate harm and will align with the Human Rights Code.

The committee is aware of the suggestion to keep the name as Chippewa, acknowledging that many emotions and opinions accompany any school name change. Through discussion, the committee reinforced that the change is not to erase history, but to create a new identity that unites all consolidated school members and reflects values of equity and inclusivity.

The committee worked its way through a top 10 selection process and agreed to meet again before confirming a shortened list of five names. Once ready, the committee looks forward to sharing that list with stakeholders and rightsholders for further consultation and feedback.


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