Canadian Legion Now Has Tap Enabled Poppy Donation Boxes


To honour Veterans and those who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy today, Canadians from coast to coast will proudly wear their poppies during the run up to Remembrance Day, as they have done for decades.

This year, the Royal Canadian Legion has partnered with HSBC Bank Canada to make it safe, secure, and easier than ever to donate and wear a poppy with touchless HSBC “Pay Tribute” tap-enabled donation boxes.

“We are excited to present this new way to make it easier for Canadians to donate during the National Poppy Campaign,” says Thomas D. Irvine, Dominion President, The Royal Canadian Legion. “We are pleased to partner with HSBC Bank Canada on this innovative initiative and hope that it will grow in the years to come.”

Pay Tribute glowing PoppyWith the many payment options now available to Canadians, HSBC Bank Canada worked with technology partners to ensure the program is on trend with the latest digital solutions, whether it be through “tap” enabled credit cards or mobile and wearable options like Apple Pay. Canadians can make an optional donation of $2, by placing their tap enabled payment card or tap and pay technology device on the glowing poppy, and take a poppy to wear.

The HSBC “Pay Tribute boxes have also been thoughtfully designed as a reflection of their solemn inspirations: taking the shape of the headstones of our fallen; bearing the words of the Halifax Cenotaph national monument; and invoking Flanders Field, of course – the very inspiration for Remembrance Day itself.

“I can’t think of a more honourable community to support,” says Larry Tomei, Executive Vice President and Head of Wealth and Personal Banking at HSBC Bank Canada. “We’re proud to work with the Royal Canadian Legion, to help serve the veterans that served our nation at time of conflict and while maintaining peace. With a little ingenuity and care, we’ve been able to bring our team and partners to the table to design something that we think will continue to contribute to the success of the Royal Canadian Legion’s poppy campaign now and for years to come. It truly is a great honour.”

Amongst the traditional poppy boxes found coast to coast, a total of 250 HSBC “Pay Tribute” donation boxes will be distributed nationally across the HSBC Bank Canada branch network starting Friday, October 30, and within select Royal Canadian Legion branches and other locations.

For more information on the HSBC Bank Canada and Legion branches carrying the HSBC “Pay Tribute” donation boxes, visit


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