Canada Post Staffing Shortage Causing Delivery Delays in Kilworthy


The Canadian postal services based in Gravenhurst are experiencing a staffing shortage affecting their ability to deliver mail to Kilworthy, according to Canada Post’s Media Relations.

One affected customer is Julie Gasko, who owns and operates Black Bear Barber Co in Gravenhurst with her husband Mike. She has not received mail recently, according to her Facebook post.

In the post on the public Facebook group ‘Gravenhurst The Good’ on Tuesday, she asked if other Kilworthy residences were being affected – writing:

“Kilworthy residences: Has anyone been experiencing issues with mail delivery again? I have not gotten anything in over a week and a half, which is very unusual. Not even a flyer!”

The post has 126 comments as of the time of this publication. Many people in the comments report having delayed or undelivered mail.

Muskoka 411 contacted the Canada Post for comment.

“Our mail delivery operations in Kilworthy is facing a temporary staffing shortage, but all customers have been receiving mail three to four times a week. We are in the process of hiring new temporary employees,” said Canada Post spokesman Phil Rogers in an email to Muskoka411.

“Our Gravenhurst team, serving Kilworthy, is working hard to serve customers and takes any concerns about service seriously. They are working to minimize any impacts on customers, but there may be delays in the short term as we hire and train new employees.”

Customers can temporarily pick up their mail at the Gravenhurst Post Office at 101-1 Muskoka Road.

Questions regarding postal services or replacing a faulty lock on their community mailbox can be directed to the Canada Post’s Customer Service team online at or by telephone at 1-866-607-6301 (TTY: 1-800-267-2797).


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