Camp Tawingo Welcomes Group Of Students From Japan

A group of students from Fukuoka Wakaba High School in Japan enjoying Huntsville
A group of students from Fukuoka Wakaba High School in Japan enjoying Huntsville. Photo courtesy of MLI Homestay

MLI Homestay is proud to share a good news story with the return of student groups travelling to Canada! This includes the return of a wonderful group of students from the Fukuoka Wakaba High School in Japan, who arrived in Huntsville on Sept. 2.

“It is wonderful to see students from Japan back in small-town Canada, enjoying life here in our communities,” said MLI Groups Supervisor Sae Yokoi. “We have all waited a very long time to see their return and it is the best feeling to hear their laughter, see their excitement about the chance to talk with local people on the streets of Huntsville, or purchase a small treat or a gift for their family back home.”

MLI Homestay is happy to share that after a three-year pause due to COVID-19, they once again can welcome student groups from Japan back to Ontario communities, including Camp Tawingo in Muskoka and high schools in Guelph.

“The students have worked very hard to prepare to come to meet us, and now we can enjoy helping them to each make the most of their time here in Canada,” Yokoi said. “They will be with us til mid-November! Their English level is already improving. I can’t wait to see how they use our local idioms by the time they are ready to go back to Japan.”

Students building fires at Camp Tawingo. Photo courtesy of MLI Homestay

The 18 Japanese teens in Grade 11 that make up the Wakaba group are enjoying four weeks at Camp Tawingo where they are taking ESL classes learning conversational English, along with a variety of activities that MLI and Camp Tawingo offers such as hiking, star gazing, swimming in the lake and making hot chocolate on a campfire that they made themselves.

“The students from Fukuoka Wakaba High School are so full of joy, and they are eager and grateful to have the opportunity to come to Canada to enhance their English skills and experience the rich culture and beautiful landscape that Muskoka has to offer,” said teacher Sarah Vanasse at Camp Tawingo. “The students consistently look for opportunities to participate in new activities, try new foods, and practice their English skills in writing, reading, and oral communication. One of our ESL teachers at Tawingo, Tyler Pearse, just graduated with his Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University last spring, and he has shared how incredibly fortunate he feels to have the students from Fukuoka Wakaba High School as his first official class as a certified teacher.”

Join MLI Homestay in welcoming back our friends from Wakaba High School in Japan! Thanks to everyone who is pitching in to make this a special time for the students and their teachers who will be accompanying them.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting a student from overseas attending school now or in 2023, please feel free to reach out to MLI at MLI Homestay is ready to help locals consider the hosting experience! Let’s help students reach their potential.

Japanese students at Camp Tawingo. Photo courtesy of MLI Homestay


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