CAA Advising Motorists To Take Proper Precautions For Extreme Cold

Colorado Winter

Over the next few days, forecasters are predicting that parts of southern Ontario will be under an extreme cold warning.

As the arctic air settles in over the weekend and snow kicks off our work week on Monday, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is advising motorists to take proper precautions for extreme cold, before hitting the road.

Motorists can prepare their vehicles by:

  1. Checking their tire pressure, topping up their windshield wiper fluid (make sure it is winter-appropriate) and ensuring that their gas tanks are always above half-full to avoid becoming stranded.
  2. Vehicles should also be prepared with an emergency car kit stocked with items such as an ice scraper, snow brush, shovel, flashlight, phone charger, granola bars and water.
  3. When possible avoid travelling:

With the expected snow in the forecast if possible, avoid travelling.

  1. However, if you must travel make sure you have an emergency car kit in your trunk.
  2. As well as having a fully charged cell phone before leaving your home.
  3. Also, avoid getting stuck, ensure that the vehicle is accessible – shovel the driveway around the vehicle

While on the road, follow these basic winter driving tips:

  1. Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead. Stopping distances increase on ice and snow.
  2. Stay on the main roads. Back roads may not always be well ploughed during winter storm events.
  3. Always keep a phone charger in your car. You cannot call for help without a charged phone and you will need battery power until help arrives.
  4. Avoid using overdrive or cruise control. You want as much focus and control of your vehicle as possible.
  5. Slow down and move over for emergency vehicles. This includes tow trucks and service vehicles.
  6. Never pass a snowplow on the right-hand side. This could result in a severe, even fatal collision. Stay well back when you see the blue flashing lights of a snowplow.


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