Bracebridge Library Introduces New Strategic Plan And More For 2023

Photo courtesy of Bracebridge Public Library's Facebook page

The Bracebridge Library is anything but ordinary and is excited to introduce their ambitious new strategic plan for 2023 to 2026. With a mission to enrich, empower and inspire the community, the plan focuses on seven strategic pillars:

  • Innovation: bridge the digital divide and support digital literacy in the community
  • Equity and Inclusion: provide an accessible, inclusive and welcoming library service for all
  • Accountability: commitment to environmental sustainability and financial stewardship
  • Partnerships and Collaboration: provide key social infrastructure and become an integral community partner
  • Excellence in Service: identify health and safety, accessibility, collections, and feedback
  • Lifelong Learning and Inspiration: commit to evolving, innovating and improvement

This strategic plan will help guide the library’s growth and programming over the next four years, which includes the move to the new Muskoka Lumber Community Centre in 2024. This larger, accessible space will allow the library to offer more innovative programming, focus more on technology and continue to offer outstanding resources the community knows and loves.

Continued excellence in 2023
The Bracebridge Library is committed to empowering and supporting the community through new programs and initiatives, and has a lot planned for the year ahead. Patrons interested in expanding their knowledge and business acumen can now access LinkedIn Learning and the more than 16,000 expert-led courses across a variety of online class topics for every step of their career. This resource is available for all library card holders at

In November 2022, the library introduced a new website that offers a much-improved user experience. Patrons can now review the monthly calendar of events and programming, browse the collection with ease and review the latest blog articles. The library continues to offer weekly programming the entire family can enjoy including Art Start, Parachute Club, Family Storytime, workshops with local businesses, and so much more. Patrons can now RSVP for programs online at

Looking for some cool things to borrow? The Bracebridge Library offers a variety of unique collections that go way beyond books. Perfect your baking skills by borrowing a new cake pan, check-out a tool to finish up your DIY projects, borrow a gaming console, light therapy lamp, board games and so much more!

Learn more about the collections available and sign-up for the Bracebridge Library e-newsletter to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening at

“The Bracebridge Library has always been a community hub; a space where people can come together to learn, connect and engage with one another. The new strategic plan outlines an ambitious and exciting direction that will see the library transition to a new home and offer the community an experience that continues to improve with every program and initiative it introduces. The Bracebridge Library is anything but ordinary, and I encourage everyone to revisit and see just what all the excitement is about.” – Rick Maloney, Mayor, Town of Bracebridge

“Bracebridge is an exciting and diverse community that continues to evolve, and the Bracebridge Library is always working to ensure we’re growing with the community. The new facility will open up a world of possibilities, but we’re not waiting for that. Every day is an opportunity for us improve, and this new strategic plan will help map the way to expanded programs and services, enhance community engagement and provide more access to resources like books, unique collections, technology and more. We’re proud of our history and excited about our future. As your free, accessible, and exciting community resource, our team continues to strive to be anything but the ordinary.” – Crystal Bergstrome, CEO & Chief Librarian, Bracebridge Library


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