Bracebridge Firefighters Recognized With Long Service Awards

Long-service awards for members of the Bracebridge Fire Department
Front Row (L-R): Fire Chief Murray Medley, Firefighter Steve Clarke, Captain Jim Jackson, Deputy Mayor Rick Maloney. Back Row (L-R): Acting Captain Bruno Leclerc, Deputy Fire Chief Mike Peake, Firefighter Dan Carty. Photo courtesy of the Town of Bracebridge

Last night, members of the Bracebridge Fire Department were presented with long service awards at a ceremony held at Fire Station 1.

“I am proud to work with this amazing team of individuals everyday who go above and beyond to serve the community,” said Bracebridge Fire Chief Murray Medley. “These long service awards are a testament to the dedication to community safety this exemplary team displays every day.”

Three awards were presented to members in recognition for their years of service and dedication to the field.

  • Provincial Fire Services Long Service Medal (25 years): Steve Clarke, Jim Jackson and Bruno Leclerc.
  • Federal Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal (20 years): Dan Carty and Mike Peake.
  • Town of Bracebridge Departmental Service Awards:
    • Five years: Trevor Arbuckle, Mike Baldwin, Kyle Bartlett, Scott Kinsmen, Jesse Lockie, Chris Tellier;
    • 10 years: Mike Holotuk, Jeremy O’Brien and Andrew Scott;
    • 15 years: Kevin Ellis, Adam Goodale, Brad Jackson, Rose Jackson, Kevin Lambert and Steve Traves;
    • 20 years: Dan Carty, Bruno Leclerc, Frank Mazzuca, Mike Peake and Ron Phillips.

The Provincial Fire Services Long Service Medal is an expression of public appreciation for the dedication and hard work of Ontario firefighters. It is officially recognized by the province and is included in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997. Both full-time and volunteer firefighters can qualify for the medal.

Approved by the College of Heralds, it is worn on the left breast subordinate to Canadian or British decorations. Besides the medal, recipients are also presented with a citation, which includes their name and signature of the Fire Marshal of Ontario. The long service medal and subsequent service bars are available to those who have achieved a minimum of twenty-five years in suppression, training, public education, inspections, and communications are eligible to receive the medal.

The Federal Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal honours members of a recognized Canadian fire service who have completed 20 years of service, ten years of which have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risks. Exemplary service is characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency. The Medal is suspended from a ribbon of five equal stripes, two gold and three red. In addition, a bar, bearing a stylized maple leaf, may be awarded to a recipient of the Medal for each additional 10- year period of service.

The Bracebridge Fire Department presents its members with Bracebridge Fire Department challenge coins for years of service with the Department.

“On behalf of the Town of Bracebridge, I wish to extend my gratitude to the dedicated men and women of the Bracebridge Fire Department who work tirelessly to keep our community safe,” said Bracebridge Deputy Mayor Rick Maloney. “Thank you for your commitment to safety. I would also like to acknowledge the families who support them in their service to our community, a heartfelt thank you as well.”



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