Board Invites Community To Help Rename Chippewa Secondary School


A school renaming committee has been formed by Near North District School Board’s (NNDSB) Board of Trustees to support a process that invites suggested names for Chippewa Secondary School in North Bay.

The committee is seeking input from members of the Near North community, including students, school councils, staff, alumni, community partners and local organizations. This input will help the committee to select a name that emphasizes positive relationships with all members of the education community and fosters an engaged and inclusive school climate.

The committee met Wednesday night and is ready to accept submissions from NNDSB stakeholders. Stakeholders are asked to be mindful of using the predetermined criteria as outlined in the administrative guideline School Openings, Closures & Consolidations. Submissions must include reasoning for the suggested name and may choose to include a description of how the proposed name will honour and support our collective goal of achieving truth and reconciliation.

Please use this link to enter your proposed name submission(s). Submissions can also be received via telephone by calling Chippewa Secondary School at 705-475-2341 and the secretary will help complete the form (beginning March 20). The deadline for all submissions is Thursday, March 30.

On April 12 the committee will shortlist five names and will put them out for feedback in another survey, which will be open from April 13-20.

Once stakeholders have suggested the top three names, the committee will finalize the recommended name. The name and accompanying report will go to the Board of Trustees at the May meeting.


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