Back-To-School Head Lice Cases On The Rise


Canada’s leading head lice removal and education company is warning parents to reactivate head lice prevention practices as cases of head lice begin to increase.

“With public health concerns focused on the Covid-19 pandemic,” explained Dawn Mucci, President of Lice, “parents may have lost sight of the most common communicable condition among school-aged children. We are seeing a spike in head lice cases after a very long dry spell.”

Head Lice has not been top of mind in the last eighteen months. With physical distancing and fewer opportunities for head-to-head contact, the spread of head lice may have been somewhat contained. But with schools back and restrictions being eased Lice wants to remind parents and teachers to take precautions.

“Lice has certainly not been eradicated and many of the cases we are now seeing are severe and have been ongoing for several months,” commented Caroline Bonham, Director of Services in the Kitchener, Ontario, area. “The worse the case, the greater the chance of lice spreading when kids share hats and hair accessories, and when they sit or work closely in a school or daycare setting.”

Best prevention practices include:

  •     Avoid head-to-head or hair-to-hair contact
  • Tie up long hair with hair ties or wear hair in a tight bun
  • Don’t share hairbrushes, hair accessories, or headwear
  • Screen regularly
  • Watch for signs of itching and take action immediately

Lice Squad is Canada’s original head lice removal service. With a range of natural and safe products including the best-selling Louse Trap comb, Lice Squad has successfully helped millions of Canadian kids and families since opening in 2001. President Dawn Mucci is the country’s #1 head lice expert, leading a nationwide team of Lice franchise owners and professional nitpickers.


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