Advice For Younger Job-Seekers: Watch How An Employer Treats Its Staff In The Second Half Of Their Careers


If you’re a job-seeker and want to discover whether a prospective employer is a good place to work, look closely at how they treat existing employees in the second half of their careers. That’s the message from this year’s Top Employers for Canadians Over 40, announced today by Mediacorp Canada Inc., which manages the annual Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.

“What individuals need at the start of their careers is different from their needs in the second half of their careers,” says Kristina Leung, managing editor of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. “The best employers ensure that they offer competitive entry-level benefits – as well as programs that address their employees’ concerns as they navigate through later stages of life, such as starting a family or caring for maturing families.”

Financial planning is a major concern for Canadians in the second half of their careers, especially in an era of higher inflation.  For this year’s winners, a key focus is on developing better financial literacy among their staff. “The best employers in this field give staff the tools they need to plan securely for the future, along with vehicles to shore up their retirement savings,” adds Richard Yerema, executive editor of the project. “It’s the essence of the employment contract at the end of the day, and helping employees understand how to save better is invaluable.”

Best practices in this area include: access to professionals such as financial advisors and financial planners; pension assistance, to help with long-term planning; training on investing basics and budgets; and company health benefits that extend into retirement, with no age limit.

The full list of the Top Employers for Canadians Over 40 (2024) was released today. Detailed reasons for selection for each of this year’s winners, as well as additional stories and photos, were also released today by the editors and are accessible via the competition homepage.


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