A New Leaf Community Working Group Launched To Strengthen Action On Climate Change In Muskoka


The first meeting of the New Leaf Community Working Group took place Friday, a group launched in partnership by the District of Muskoka and five area municipalities (Towns of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Townships of Muskoka Lakes, Lake of Bays) to take action on Climate Change. The Township of Georgian Bay is following their own climate plan.

The working group will look at the impacts of climate change across Muskoka’s communities, identify future risks, and draft a regional plan to adapt to these changes.  The adaptation plan will outline actions for communities and municipalities to take to prepare for the effects of climate change now and in the future.

Led by District and area municipal staff, the working group includes representatives from environmental advocacy groups, chambers of commerce, Indigenous groups, tourism and cottagers associations, the natural resources sector, utilities, public health, school board, and more.

“The District is excited to launch the New Leaf Community Working Group in partnership with our area municipalities to move climate action forward in Muskoka.,” said District Chair John Klinck. “This partnership, which I hope will ultimately include our friends in Georgian Bay Township, will strengthen our abilities to adapt to the changing climate and to help protect Muskoka’s most valued asset – our natural environment.”

Learn more and stay informed!

To learn more about the New Leaf Climate Working Group, please visit: www.engagemuskoka.ca/new-leaf-community-working-group

To learn more about other climate change-related projects the District is working on, check out our website: https://www.muskoka.on.ca/en/environment/climate-change-initiatives.aspx


  1. Best of luck to all the communities involved in this. But I’m afraid they are beating their heads against a wall. Science tells us that about 10.000 years ago give or take a couple of years the ice pack that covered the northern have of north america at least and just maybe more started to melt I don’t think they ever came up with a good explanation of just why this happened but it’s been happening ever since and unless good old mother nature decides thats enough it is going to keep melting the ice and warming things up just most likely until Canada is tropical again just as it was at some point in history. Maybe we can stop creating so much pollution that would be a good thing the air might get smelling clean like it did 70 years ago at least in Parry Sound Muskoka not sure how it was in Toronto even back then. The one thing I see no way of doing much about is the amount of heat each and everyone of us emits just by being alive never mind the heat from our homes and the heat that all the pavement emits it all adds up and will keep getting more and more as the population increases. Like I said at the start best of luck.


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