$70M Lotto Max Winner From Ottawa Wants To Help Others As She Was Helped During Challenging Times


Ontario’s newest multi-millionaire is the first person to tell you how important a helping hand can be in a time of need, as that’s how she has successfully overcome the many challenges in her life. Now, Patricia (Patty) Warden of Ottawa is celebrating as the latest $70 million LOTTO MAX jackpot winner and planning how to help her family and community with this incredible windfall. Patty won the jackpot from the May 31, 2024, LOTTO MAX draw.

During her emotional winner’s celebration, the 49-year-old was open to share she was a teen mother, faced cancer as a young adult, overcame drug addiction, and has been sober for more than 25 years. She wants people to know that if she could do it, anyone can. Aided by the love and support of her family and friends, Patty was able to build a career so that she could support her family. She knows that with the right support network, everyone can help themselves. Now, Patty is anticipating the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead with her incredible windfall.

Patty, who recently retired from a home disaster restoration company, has enjoyed playing many OLG lottery games over the years, such as CROSSWORD, THE BIG SPIN, and of course, LOTTO MAX. She uses OLG’s Quick Pick feature to choose her lottery numbers. Those Quick Pick numbers came in, winning her the $70 million jackpot.

Patty was sitting on her backyard deck and checking her LOTTO MAX ticket when she realized her left hand was itching. Legend says a person with an itchy left hand will come into money. A few moments later, that legend proved true, as she noticed all seven numbers on her ticket matched the LOTTO MAX numbers on OLG.ca.

“That’s when I lost it and started screaming,” explained Patty. “My husband heard the commotion, saw my face turn red, and came running to prevent me from falling off the deck!”

She told her husband all the numbers matched on the ticket but, “Because I wasn’t wearing my glasses, my husband told me to check the numbers again.” The couple then turned to the OLG app and saw the ‘Big Winner’ message on the screen.

“My knees went weak, and I thought I was going to fall again. I kept thinking this was a dream and I was going to wake up and find it wasn’t true.”

The next person Patty shared this incredible news with was her mom, who recently moved in with Patty and her husband. “My mom was trying to calm me down and understand what I was saying. When I spoke clearly enough for her to understand I won the lottery and how much I won, she was overwhelmed with emotion.”

Next, it was time to tell Patty’s four children, who were in disbelief at the news. “I knew right away how much this win would impact my life and the lives of my children and grandchildren. My kids were so excited, emotional, and filled with gratitude.”

One of the first things Patty will do with is purchase her daughter a new home. Next, she will look for a new home for herself and her husband, their two children and her mom. Patty specified that this house has to be close to her daughter’s new place. “I want to keep my family close. Our multi-generational household has a wonderful dynamic and I want to find a house that will accommodate all of our needs.” She will also help another daughter and her family with their expenses.

Patty is a passionate advocate for autism support programs, as she has several family members who are affected by it. She’s always dreamed of making a difference for those living with autism, and now, because of her win, she can.

Another important item on Patty’s bucket list is to support people struggling with addiction. “I am a recovered and recovering addict. I have been sober for over 25 years. It is a life-long journey and it’s important to me to show others they can do it too, with access to the right support. I was blessed to have the love and support of my mom to get and stay sober, and I feel compelled to try to support others who want to do the same for themselves.”

“There have been people who have been by my side my whole life, including my journey with addiction and cancer. Over the years, they’ve helped me get to where I am, and I want to bring them with me. They know who they are and know I won’t forget them.”

“I’m surrounded by people who love me and want what’s best for me. They want to make sure this money lasts a long time, particularly my husband. He has been and will continue to be a grounding presence as we settle into this new life. I believe everyone deserves love. I live by the philosophy of love first.”

There is one last thing that Patty wants to do now that the $70 million is in her bank account. “I’m going to sleep! I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I found out. The waves of emotion are happening even when I’m trying to sleep. I’m relieved I don’t have to wake up and make sure the ticket is still safe anymore,” she laughed.

The winning ticket was purchased at Mr. Gas on Ogilvie Road in Ottawa.


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