705 Spruce League’s Team Red Breaks Four-Week Losing Streak

Photo by Kylie Osullivan on Unsplash

This write-up about an independent basketball league playing out of Spruce Glen Public School was submitted by Mike Ainger.

In the run up to the playoffs in the 705 Spruce League, the stakes were reflective of the pace of play on Monday evening.

Initial free throws to pick teams was a lengthier than normal endeavour; however, by 7:07 the action was under way. From the opening tip at the Spruce Glen Gymnasium, Team Black came out running and gunning, an aggressive offensive strategy that overwhelmed Team Red early on.

On their heels out of the gate, and down 3 baskets to 1 by 7:15, Team Red switched to a zone defence that temporarily stopped the bleeding.

Actual bleeding briefly stopped play at the 7:26 mark, but otherwise, it was a rare injury-free evening.

Forced to the perimeter, shooting and strong ball rotation lead to success in an injury depleted lineup. Of particular significance was the last minute addition of a player from the west coast, filling in for a regular sidelined with a case of the scoots.

In the end, a last second shot from downtown Magnetawan sealed the deal for Team Red and turned the tides on a four-week losing skid.

The aggregate score across all games was 25 to 19. All players reported having had a good time and trying their best.

On a closing note, Monday was jersey day and all in attendance received 705 Spruce jerseys from upstart local clothing designer Backwoods Boujee.

Action in the 705 is slated to resume next Monday, baring any further snow days.


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