5 COVID Friendly Ways To Celebrate Earth Day At Home

Photo by Amy Shamblen (CNW Group/Schneider Electric Canada Inc.)

Even at home you can still act for the environment.

Schneider Electric Canada, a leader in energy management and sustainability is recommending alternate ways to celebrate Earth Day this year. While Canadians may not be able to take part in a collective clean up or tree planting initiative there are still ways for communities to get involved at home and make a difference. Here are 5 COVID-friendly ways people can do their part to celebrate Earth Day at home.

  1. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

    There are many beautiful, natural things in our homes, apartments, and local parks. Create a checklist with living and non-living things and find them to complete the list. Discuss the items you find and talk about how they contribute to our planet. Do they decompose and help recycle nutrients back into the soil? What part do they play in our ecosystem?

  2. Upcycled Garden

    Explore items around the house that you can use as a planter. Then seek some inspiration from the internet or a book to build your own! You can use items such as milk cartons, jars, tires or anything you have around the house. Place soil in your chosen object and add seeds or transfer an existing plant to its new home.

  3. Home Energy Audit

    We use power, water, natural gas, and propane to power everything in our home. Write down your usage from your home metre. Review your audit notes and see what adjustments you can make to help your family save. After implementing more green behaviours, ask yourself, how did your actions affect your metre readings a week later? A month later?

  4. Family Earth Pledge

    Gather the family around the dinner table. Discuss what your family is going to do to be smarter with energy. Write your family’s energy promise down and hang it in a place where everyone will see it, like the refrigerator.

  5. Carbon Footprint Activity

    Grab some chalk and go outside. On a sidewalk or driveway, draw a giant footprint. Inside, write down how you can reduce your carbon footprint to help make the Earth a little greener. Some examples include carpooling, walking, biking rather than driving in a car.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the full 2021 Earth Day at Home Activities guide from Schneider Electric to plan your full day of action. The guide has a complete list of activities, worksheets, and conversation starters you can use to talk about environmental sustainability with your friends and family.


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