$30,000 Investment For Equipment To Enhance Care For Patients At GBGH


In December 2023, members of the Sunset Bay Community Association visited Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) to make a $30,000 investment in equipment to enhance care for patients. The association raised the money through fundraising activities, such as dances and silent auctions over the past 17 years, and members were pleased to use their funds for the highest priority equipment needs at GBGH, like a blanket warmer, bladder scanner and a patient ambulation lift.

The donation is the final part of the dissolution of the association, and executive members Jan Waterfield & Linda Vermeersch wanted their gift to have an impact on the community.

“Our association raised the funds to help others, and the hospital truly has the biggest impact on the community,” says Linda. “We wanted to invest these funds with a charity that would benefit the most people, and we know that everyone relies on health care from GBGH.”

Donations are critical to the success of the hospital, as government funding does not cover any investment in capital equipment.  A blanket warmer provides warmth and relaxation for patients, and improves treatment effectiveness. A bladder scanner offers a non-invasive way for care providers to get an image of the bladder, providing diagnosis and treatment faster.  A patient lift allows patients recovering from stroke or pelvic injury to start their rehabilitation up to 4 weeks earlier, before they are medically cleared for bearing weight.

“We are so thankful for this incredibly generous gift from the Sunset Bay Association,” says Victoria Evans, community giving officer, GBGH Foundation. “Their gift is providing a direct benefit to hundreds of patients. The team at GBGH will use these important pieces of equipment to help patients on their journey to healing and recovery.”


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