$17,300 Raised And Christmas Presents To More Than 50 Children From Honey Harbour To MacTier Achieved

The Township of Georgian Bay is delighted to announce the overwhelming success of the Sleighing Hunger Campaign, a community-driven initiative aimed at spreading holiday cheer and ensuring that every child in our area experienced the magic of Christmas.
Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, we successfully raised over $17,300 and provided Christmas presents to more than 50 children from Honey Harbour to MacTier.
This heartwarming achievement would not have been possible without the outstanding support of our community members, local businesses, and dedicated partners. A special note of gratitude goes to Steve & Rachel McMillan for their exceptionally generous donation and unwavering encouragement throughout the campaign. Their commitment to making a difference in the lives of local families has left a lasting impact.
The Georgian Bay Food Banks also received tremendous support from various community partners over the past year, including the Honey Harbour General Store, the Port Severn General Store, Baxter Ward Lions Club, Honey Harbour Boating Club, the Tomahawk Club, Baxter Ward Community Group and Friends of Keewatin North Simcoe and many more. Their collective efforts and collaboration were instrumental in the success of the food bank including the Sleighing Hunger Campaign and the Toy Drive.
“We are thrilled and extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from our community and partners. The Sleighing Hunger Campaign & Toy Drive has not only brought joy to the children who received presents but has also
showcased the incredible spirit of generosity that defines our township,” said Mayor Koetsier.
The Township of Georgian Bay remains committed to fostering a sense of unity and support within the community. The success of the Sleighing Hunger Campaign is a testament to the compassion and caring nature of our residents and partners.
If you would like more information about this topic or how you can donate to the Food Bank, contact Trisha Walton, Communications & Sustainability Officer, twalton@gbtownship.ca, or 705-528-2437


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