16 Classic Holiday Foods, Ranked From Best To Worst

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As the festive season arrives, Canadians are gearing up to indulge in a range of delectable dishes that define the spirit of the holidays.

In an effort to guide Canadians through the holiday season, food box delivery service Chefs Plate, have analyzed search data across Google, TikTok and Instagram to present the definitive ranking of the top Canadian holiday dishes – from the sublime to the less-than-jolly.

Canadian dinner dishes ranked from best to worst

  1. Nanaimo Bars
  2. Christmas Tourtiere
  3. Eggnog
  4. Brussel Sprouts
  5. Mashed Potato
  6. Butter Tarts
  7. Cranberry Sauce
  8. Fruitcake
  9. Mulled Wine
  10. Shortbread
  11. Buche de Noel
  12. Stuffing
  13. Roast Turkey
  14. Christmas Pudding
  15. Cheese Platter
  16. Baked Ham

Originating from British Columbia, Nanaimo bars claim the top spot with their delightful layers of chocolate, custard and coconut goodness. These no-bake wonders are a festive favorite that adds a sweet touch to any holiday gathering.

Shortly followed by the iconic Christmas tourtiere, a savory meat pie hailing from Quebec. Bursting with a flavorful medley of ground meats and spices, this holiday classic is a perennial favorite that captures the essence of Canadian holiday traditions.

In third place is Eggnog, the holiday spirit wouldn’t be complete without a glass of velvety eggnog, earning its place in the ranking. Whether enjoyed on its own or spiked with a touch of rum or brandy, eggnog adds a creamy and indulgent note to celebrations.

A spokesperson from Chefs Plate said: “Whether savoring the richness of tourtiere or satisfying a sweet tooth with butter tarts, there’s a delight for every palate. Appreciating the diversity that makes the holiday’s in Canada a celebration of flavors, memories and the shared warmth of the season.”

Classic dishes to try for the holiday’s

Holiday Turkey Roast & Bacon Green Beans with thyme mash & homemade rolls

The holidays have arrived with a fraction of the mess, stress and planning! Thyme-rubbed turkey is the star of this dish, served alongside creamy mashed potatoes, homemade rolls and green beans with a crispy bacon-shallot topping.

Ultimate Holiday Dressing with Walnuts & Cranberries

This dressing is truly the ultimate holiday side dish! Leeks, celery and fresh herbs fill it with rich, savoury flavours. Topped with crunchy walnuts and sweet bites of dried cranberries, this dish completes your turkey feast.

Roasted Vegetable Medley with Fig-Orange Vinaigrette and Feta

Simple roasted vegetables are the perfect dish to dress up for the holidays. Here, we are making a zesty, slightly sweet and delicious vinaigrette to dress roasted Brussels sprouts, parsnips and sweet potatoes. It’s the perfect side to add a little wow to your holiday plate.

Chefs Plate analyzed average monthly search volume across Google, TikTok and Instagram to create the definitive list of Christmas dishes.

Ranking Christmas Food Google Avg. Monthly Search Volume TikTok Avg. Monthly Search Volume Instagram Hashtag Avg. Monthly Search Volume Total
1 Nanaimo Bars 33,100 21,300 90 54,490
2 Christmas Tourtiere 18,100 11,600 23,200 52,900
3 Eggnog 18,100 11,600 23,200 52,900
4 Brussel Sprouts 27,100 17,400 1,700 46,200
5 Mashed Potato 22,200 14,300 270 36,770
6 Butter Tarts 18,100 11,600 920 30,620
7 Cranberry Sauce 8,100 5,200 10,400 23,700
8 Fruitcake 8,100 5,200 10,400 23,700
9 Mulled Wine 9,900 0 12,700 22,600
10 Shortbread 6,600 4,200 8,500 19,300
11 Buche de Noel 9,900 6,400 1,300 17,600
12 Stuffing 5,400 3,500 6,900 15,800
13 Roast Turkey 3,600 2,300 4,600 10,500
14 Christmas Pudding 3,600 2,300 4,600 10,500
15 Cheese Platter 2,900 1,900 410 5,210
16 Baked Ham 2,400 1,500 60 3,960


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