Waypoint’s New Enabling Plans Set The Direction For The Hospital To Continue To Serve, Discover And Lead For The Next 3 Years


As the health care system continues to transform, Waypoint’s five new enabling plans are setting the direction for the hospital to continue to lead the advancement and delivery of excellent and compassionate care for and with those experiencing mental health and addictions, as well as frail seniors and their caregivers.

For the first time, these five plans: the Clinical Services Plan, the Quality, Risk and Safety Plan, the People Plan, the Digital Health Plan and the Research and Academics Plan, have been integrated to create opportunities for deeper synergies and collective ownership, and ensure the highest impact for patients/clients and families, staff, partners and the communities served.

“What excites me most is how these plans were informed by so many people bringing diverse and valuable forms of expertise and experience,” said Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, Waypoint president and CEO. “This extensive input gave us four motivational themes cross-cutting our plans that reinforce our commitment to partnership and collaborative leadership, inspire us to become a learning health system, focus our efforts on equity, diversity, and inclusion, and compel us to expand our reach and impact as a ‘Waypoint without walls’.”

To develop these plans, widespread input was collected from Waypoint’s people, partners and leading innovators, gathering insights on what activities would produce the greatest impact on the services the hospital provides and how they provide them.

Looking forward, these enabling plans will reinforce the hospital’s commitment to advancing the 2020-2025 strategic plan, responding to a rapidly changing environment and positioning themselves for new opportunities. Taken together, these integrated plans ensure Waypoint’s team focuses its efforts in ways that produce the greatest impact for patients/clients, families, staff, partners, and communities.

A launch video and the Enabling Plans can be found on Waypoint’s website at www.waypointcentre.ca. In it you’ll find details on all five plans, key factors that shaped the plans, the integrating themes, and implications for Waypoint’s physical footprint and fundraising.

Waypoint would like to thank the many staff, physicians, volunteers, patient and family representatives, partners and system leaders who had their say in helping to create these plans.


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