Two Bracebridge Businesses Join Forces To Produce PPE Face Shields For frontline Workers


In ten frantic days, the team has designed engineered and started manufacturing face shields with the capacity to produce 9,000 per day.

Bracebridge Town Councilor & Engineer Andrew Struthers, as well as local Dentist Dr. Shervin Rowshani have harnessed their knowledge, connections and resources to supply world-wide PPE Face Shields. The Simcoe-Muskoka Region intake centres are using the solution from 3S V1.

This device is being assessed by Health Canada as part of the national crisis response to be certified as a class one medical device. Generation 1 for home-use is shipping now. Current orders have approached 60,000 in week one. They are receiving orders from all EMT and front line care providers, fire departments, paramedics, hospital intakes, seniors’ homes, visiting nurses & front line essential workers. Inquiries have come in from Africa, New Zealand, Denmark and other Canadian Provinces that are being assessed.

Capacity for the unique shield can be ramped up to 9,000 units, per day immediately. The public should be aware that the original solution Project PPE for the Muskoka Region has now become a national resource. The cost has been strategically engineered to provide the most face shields at the best price with the highest performance.
To date, this project has been financed from the partners’ family savings and they have not placed demands on the
governments strained resources.

The urgency for approval of the licensing from Health Canada as a class one device is critical to the continued success of this effort. Front Line Health Care Providers are at risk every hour this approval is delayed. They need the public’s support to increase awareness of this Made in Muskoka Canadian Solution by 3S Company. Contact your local MP and MPP.


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