Township Of Tiny Fire And Emergency Services Includes “What3Words” In Its Emergency Response


The Township of Tiny Fire and Emergency Service is the latest fire department to include the application What3Words in its search-and-rescue arsenal. The application utilizes location technology that uses three words to pinpoint exactly where an emergency call is coming from.

During an emergency, people can use the application or online “find me” map to confirm their precise location by zooming into the map grid. Once a user finds their location, a three-word identifier will be shown which can then be relayed to an emergency dispatcher. This allows callers to quickly identify their location, specifically when there is no address, landmarks, or if the street address is not accurate.

“By adding this free app to your android or iPhone device, emergency assistance can be closer than you could ever imagine,” says Deputy Fire Chief Dan Bell, of the Township of Tiny Fire and Emergency Service. “This is an amazing tool to help us find you if you are lost on one of our trail systems. We encourage all of our residents and visitors to download this free app onto your phone and help us help you when you’re in need. As this is Emergency Preparedness Week, please take the time to do this simple task in case the unexpected happens”.

To learn more or to download “What3Words” visit or


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