Township Of Ramara Launches 2023 Parking Strategy


After receiving feedback from the community, Council adopted Ramara’s new 2023 Parking strategy that takes effect on May 1, 2023.
“Over the past two years, Ramara has initiated a Waterfront and Parking strategy to help facilitate COVID-19 closure policies and control the demand for parking near water access, park and beach locations,” states Mayor Clarke. “This year, after hearing feedback from the community, Council chose a plan that would help control parking in high-demand areas while freeing up areas where we traditionally don’t have problems.”

The 2023 Resident Permit program will take effect on May 1, 2023, at the following locations:

  • All municipal roadways within Lagoon City, including the intersection of Ramara Road 47
    and Simcoe Road west.
  • Lakeshore Drive from Simcoe Road to Concession Road A, including all intersecting side
    streets but not Concession roads.
  • Municipal Parking lots at Lagoon City Beach and Park and Bluebird Park
  • On-street parking locations at Courtland Street, Whitney Road and Anderson Avenue

Starting April 11, 2023, Ramara residents can register for their two (2) free parking passes and (1) paid parking pass online at or in person at the Township Administration Building. To apply, residents must know the following information:

  • The first and last name(s) on the request form must match municipal records.
  • The resident parking permits will be mailed to the address the Township has on file (the
    same as the address tax bills are sent).
  • The license plate(s) information for each parking permit is entered on the form.
  • If you are applying for Parking Pass to be used in a parking lot where you have deeded
    access, please ensure you have a legal document or deed showing your access rights.

Residents are reminded to hang their resident parking permit face up on the car’s mirror with the corresponding vehicle licence plate number. As well, residents are reminded to follow all no-parking restrictions in the different areas of the Township by referring to all posted signage.

Paid Parking Program
Similar to many municipalities,the Township of Ramara has established a paid parking program at specific municipal lots and on-street locations:

  • Municipal Parking Lots at Lagoon City Beach and Park and Bluebird Park
  • On-street parking on Lake Avenue in Lagoon City and Courtland Street in Atherley

At each municipal parking lot or on-street parking location, parking will cost $5 per hour between the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. There will be no overnight parking or unattached trailer parking at either location. The public can pay by downloading the free HonkAPPor the HonkTAPpaymentoption.
With HonkTAP, there is no app to download or pay station to touch; paying for parking is easier and safer than ever. After scanning the QRcode, drivers tap on a pop-up notification to open a pre-loaded payment screen with the rate options. Drivers type in their license plates and select how long they want to park. The HONK payment system integrates directly with Ramara’s parking enforcement – passing paid parking sessions to enforcement officers in real time.


SOURCE Township of Ramara


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