Toronto Resident Wins Soldiers’ $23,650 50/50 September Prize


Suraj Gupta from Toronto is the September jackpot winner of the monthly Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle and the first from outside Simcoe County to claim a grand prize. He wins $23,650.

Gupta plays many chartable lotteries across Ontario, which is what led him to discover the Soldiers’ 50/50.

“I like to donate money through the 50/50 raffles,” Gupta said. “I find it’s an opportunity to do something for social causes, and maybe I’ll win something.”

As a family man, Gupta says he’ll spend his jackpot earnings on a few family events for his son’s upcoming wedding.

“He’s getting court married in the US later this year, then they’re doing a destination [reception] next year.”

Feeling grateful for his recent win, Gupta plans to continue playing the Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle as well as other charitable lotteries.

The October Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle is already underway. There are two $1,000 early bird prizes taking place this month on October 5 and October 19 with the Grand Prize draw on October 27.

Soldiers’ 50/50 raffle is managed by the Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Foundation and works to generate funding for areas of emerging need to enhance the health and wellness of our community.

To learn more about Soldiers’ 50/50, visit When you win, we all win!


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