Top Five Ways You Can Go Green In Bracebridge

Photo courtesy of Town of Bracebridge's FB Page

Although Earth Month is wrapping up, that doesn’t mean you have to put an end to your going-green-goals. There are plenty of ways that you can keep your green energy going all year long for the health and wellbeing of the community and planet.

The Town of Bracebridge is committed to environmental stewardship. Here are the top five ways you can go green in town.

  1. Create naturalized spaces that attract pollinators. Plant a variety of wildflowers, shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses or a combination of them all to create a beautiful, natural space that complements your yard and supports wildlife. Check out the Muskoka Conservancy’s list of native plants that work best for your conditions and tips for planting.
  2. Mow less, mo grass! Commit to mowing less this season for the health of your lawn, insects and wildlife. Longer grass attracts pollinators, helps birds collect more nest materials, conserves water and reduces energy use and emissions. This year, commit to letting grass grow a little longer, up to a max height of 12 inches, before you mow.
  3. Create an outdoor compost. Turning food and organic waste into compost and digestate creates economic and environmental benefits, which can improve soil health, help reduce erosion, and improve water quality. Put a compost pile or container in a side or rear yard area, at least two metres (6.5 feet) from your property line. Composting indoors with your green bin helps reduce waste at landfills too.
  4. Park the car keys. Leave the car at home and let Bracebridge Transit get you there. One bus can remove up to 20 vehicles off the road and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. Plus, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the stress-free ride.
  5. Clean Muskoka Together. Help keep Muskoka beautiful. Form a team with your friends and family to clean up the community. Participate in the District Municipality of Muskoka’s year-round Clean Muskoka Together community litter clean-up program.

Did you know?
The Town of Bracebridge has developed a list of actions to help in being more resilient to climate change. The Bracebridge Action Plan and Implementation Schedule, the Town-specific portion of the District Municipality of Muskoka’s Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan (ReCAP), outlines the actions that each Muskoka municipality plans to take to address the most urgent and threatening impacts of climate change. The Town’s plan is comprised of 30 action items grouped under five themes. Take a look to see how we’re implementing green initiatives when developing future Municipal Budgets and Business Plans, and to help guide future climate change adaptation activities.

To learn more about yard maintenance, naturalization, and compost, check out the Clean Yard By-Law.


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