Tips For How To Disconnect From Your Tech

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Could a few simple shifts in thinking eliminate digital stress and reconnect us to the real world and give greater meaning to our lives? Canadian digital well-being pioneer Christina Crook’s thoughtful new book Good Burdens (Nimbus Publishing) is a compact and actionable handbook for those hoping to transform their digital stress into digital mindfulness.

Called “The Marie Kondo of Digital” by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Christina Crook offers advice on cutting down on the volume of information you’re expected to process on a daily basis, which can make it difficult to focus on what really matters. “To control your digital consumption, regularly cull your accounts. I call this digital house-cleaning.” Every month follow these steps:

  • Social Media Unfollow: Pick 1 social media platform and unfollow 20 accounts. Ask yourself: Who is this? Does it feel good or is important? Do I want to bring this with me? If the answer is no, say goodbye.
  • Email Unsubscribe: Spend 10 minutes unsubscribing from email newsletters. Ask yourself: Who is this? Does it feel good or is important? Do I want to bring this with me? If the answer is no, unsubscribe.
  • Desktop and Browser Tidy: organize your files and book marks into two categories, Important Documents, and Spark Joy. If an item doesn’t belong in either folder, pull it into the trash and say goodbye.
  • Phone Tidy: Delete any apps you haven’t used in the last month and keep time-wasting apps in a creatively named folder like “Are you sure?” At least one swipe away from the home screen. Better yet, delete them.

Using historical anecdotes and real-life stories along with her trademark rich personal narrative, Good Burdens, Christina’s insightful follow up to her award-winning book The Joy of Missing Out, advocates for a realignment of our energies both online and off. From cultivating relationships and community to engaging in creative projects that can bring lasting joy, Good Burdens offers step by step tips and insights for readers looking to increase intentionality in their day to day lives,

Join Christina Crook in conversation with David Sax and Sarah Selecky on Tuesday, November 2nd at 7 pmET, hosted online by Type Books in TorontoRegister here.

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