This Is Me Survey Results Help NNDSB Ensure Equitable Student Outcomes


Data collected in the This is Me student demographic survey will help Near North District School Board (NNDSB) to identify and address systemic barriers and determine responsive programming and learning supports for all students.

At the NNDSB Board meeting on Tuesday night, System Principal of Student Well- Being and Equity Lisa Lamoureux, Principal of Student Achievement and Well-Being Chris Walkling and Data Analyst and System Planner Frank Albeartie presented the results of the This is Me survey, conducted in the spring of 2023. The census collects voluntary demographic student data that is used to identify, monitor and address inequities with respect to student outcomes.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, NNDSB collects demographic data to help identify groups of students being underserved to ensure that programs, supports, strategies, policies and teaching practices may be developed and revised. The data is used to honour students’ voices and learn more about their school experiences to be responsive to their needs.

Parents/guardians of students in JK to Grade 6 were asked to complete the survey with their child. In this group, there were 1,760 responses. There were 1,088 responses from students in Grades 7 and 8, and 1,221 responses from students in Grades 9-12.

Next steps for NNDSB will be determining how to use this information to promote inclusive and equitable learning environments and programs. The board will continue to ensure there are culturally responsive and relevant resources to support student learning, and that programs, supports, anti-racism and gender identity education are available for all students. Staff are actively working to ensure appropriate programs and supports are available, including anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism education, and continue to foster partnerships with community organizations to provide support to all student groups.

Helping in this endeavour will be the Grade 7 and 8 mental health modules that became part of the curriculum in September 2023. This is the second year the board has had Equity Coaches in schools to support equity learning with students and staff. Professional development is provided to coaches throughout the school year.

Additionally, Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) and Learning and Innovation Fund for Teachers (LIFT) funds are being used to support equity learning and initiatives at school.

After the presentation, Director of Education Craig Myles thanked the presenters and stated, “The collection and analysis of data such as this is imperative in order to further our goals within the multi-year strategic plan (MYSP).”

More details about the census results can be found in this report in the Board agenda package.


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