Statement From Mayor Heidi Lorenz On Muskoka Conservancy Land Acquisition In Gravenhurst


The following statement was issued by Mayor Heidi Lorenz today: 

“On behalf of council and staff, I congratulate Muskoka Conservancy on its purchase of 597 acres in southeast Gravenhurst

“This latest acquisition is now Muskoka Conservancy’s largest nature reserve, and it represents a truly magnificent addition to our community. 

“I want to commend Muskoka Conservancy for its ongoing commitment to nature conservation. The conservancy’s efforts are truly incredible. The conservancy’s protected lands are now close to 4,600 acres. 

“I also want to recognize donors and funding partners for their important role in making the latest nature reserve possible. Your generosity and vision will be appreciated by people for several years to come.  

“We look forward to learning more about the site and extend our very best wishes to everyone involved in the project.”


Muskoka Conservancy Acquires 597 Acres For Nature Conservation


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