Today Is International Self-Care Day


Today, we join communities across the world in celebrating International Self-Care Day. Self-care is all about the important role you play in your own health.  Whether exercising, brushing your teeth, eating well, applying sunscreen, quitting smoking, or treating fevers and headaches, self-care is what we all do to stay healthy.

This day has served over the years as a great reminder for each of us to take care of ourselves and for our governments to support us in doing so. Yet, self-care is now more important than ever before.

As Canadians cared for themselves at home, including their efforts to prevent and treat COVID-19, they enabled our health care system to focus on critical cases of COVID-19 and emergencies. Self-care has been a critical part of our collective COVID-19 response. Based on a recently published survey, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 39% of Canadians have been seeking more information about their health from home, 28% consider that their knowledge about their health has improved, and 58% of those who managed health conditions themselves during the pandemic were satisfied with their efforts.

This year, celebrate Self-Care Day by reflecting on the role self-care has played for each of us individually and all of us collectively during the COVID-19 pandemic, and by planning for our health and well-being in the future. Now more than ever, self-care benefits you and everyone around you.

More information on each of the seven pillars of self-care, recognised as a holistic approach to health worldwide, can be found at  Share your tips and stories of self-care with #iselfcare across social media! | #iSelfCare, #cdnhealth |Twitter @chp_can |Instagram @selfcare_cnd


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