Softub, The Portable Hot Tub That Can Transition From Home To Cottage With Ease

A family using their Softub, a portable hot tub.
Photo courtesy of Softub Canada

As the weather warms up and people start packing up for the cottage, Softub wants to introduce Muskoka residents to their light-weight hot tubs that can transition from home to cottage and back again with ease.

A Softub lit up at night.
Photo courtesy of Softub Canada

The Softub is a true portable hot tub, not an inflatable, and they only weigh 50 to 80 pounds while empty. The company has been in business for over 30 years with dealers all across Canada, including locations in Bracebridge, Mactier and Minden. The hot tubs are Canadian made nearby in Sudbury and distributed across the country. Megan McGillis, marketing coordinator for Softub Canada, said along with the affordability of Softubs, they offer portability and convenience unheard of with other hot tubs on the market.

“To be able to bring it [to the cottage] for the summer is super easy,” McGillis said. “If you have a pickup truck, you can load it on your truck and bring it there for the summer and then bring it back home for the winter, which is super convenient, and it’s so easy to set up.”

Setting up a Softub doesn’t require any tools or special assistance and can typically be completed by one person in about 15 minutes. It plugs into a standard outlet and heats up to 104 degrees, which is standard for any hot tub in the pool and spa industry.

The company is facing supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, but they encourage interested customers to visit their local dealer for information on when they can get a Softub and visit their website to explore the many options they offer.

Softubs come in three sizes, made for up to two, four or six people. Customers can also choose from three interior and seven exterior colour options and purchase other custom elements such as seats, covers and other accessories. Due to their easy set up and portability, Softubs are ideal for all kinds of people, from athletes and outdoorsmen to families and seniors. 

A couple sits in a Softub.
Photo courtesy of Softub Canada

“If you do have young kids, or even your elders that are going in and out of the tub, there’s no hidden depth, so as you step into it, you know you’re stepping at the base of it,” said Skye Lagace, national sales representative for Softub Canada.

Another thing that sets them apart from other hot tubs is their heat exchange system. There’s no heater element; instead, waste heat from the motor is used to heat the water, using minimal electricity and saving money on customers’ hydro bills. 

Many customers spend just $5 to $10 on electricity each month to run their Softub, and beyond that, the hot tubs are made of high density polyethylene foam and marine grade vinyl, so they are UV protected and ready for all kinds of weather.

“It’s good for all seasons, especially our Canadian winters that we encounter,” Lagace said. “It’s a product that’s meant to last.”

Go to Softub Canada’s website to learn more, or visit local Softub dealers at Hot Tub Warehouse in Bracebridge, Gordon Bay Marine in Mactier and Tubbys in Minden.

This post is sponsored by Softub Canada.


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