Shoppers Drug Mart Stores Getting Time Delayed Narcotic Safes


Shoppers Drug Mart announced the ongoing rollout of time-delayed narcotic safes in all Shoppers Drug Mart locations and Loblaw pharmacies (in grocery stores like Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills) across the province.

“Time-delayed safes are already mandated in other provinces and are a proven deterrent in the reduction of narcotic thefts,” said Dean Henrico, Senior Vice President, Asset Protection, Loblaw Companies Ltd. “This is another step we are taking to help protect our employees, our customers and our communities.”

Toronto Police have been responding to an increasing number of pharmacy robberies this year – more than 110 in 2022, compared to 49 last year,” said Inspector Rich Harris of the Toronto Police Service’s Hold Up Squad. “We welcome any measure, including the use of timed safes, to deter these robberies and to better protect employees and customers from these senseless acts of violence.”

This new measure is only one of the many ways Loblaw has enhanced security measures at its stores, which already includes the use of technology that facilitates the identification of suspects who commit a criminal act, as well as overt and covert security resources.


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