Severn Firefighters Recognized For Their Valued Service


On Wednesday, August 10 Township of Severn recognized our volunteer firefighters and staff for their service at an appreciation event. After two years, Council, staff, and the community were able to come together in-person to celebrate the service milestones of our dedicated staff and volunteer firefighters.

Severn’s Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief were each recognized with Provincial and Long Service Medals:

  1. Chief Tim Cranney: 35 years of service
  2. Deputy Chief Mark Hatch: 30 years of service

First awarded in 1971, the Fire Services Long Service Medal is an expression of public appreciation for the dedication and hard work of Ontario fire fighters. It is officially recognized by the province and is included in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997. Besides the medal, recipients are also presented with a citation, which includes their name and signature of the Fire Marshal of Ontario.

“On behalf of Council and staff, not only do we thank you for your remarkable service and bravery, but for your love of your community that led you to become a volunteer firefighter in Severn. You each work tirelessly to keep us safe and protected, and I’m proud to recognize the commitment and level of service by our firefighters and their families. Please accept our sincere “thank you” for all that you do.”

Mayor Mike Burkett

Township of Severn service awards were also presented including those for 5, 10, 15, and 30 years service. The combined length of service by our volunteers recognized with an award was 225 years.

The recipients were:

  1. 5 years of service: Luke Hunter, Duncan Thomson, Colton Finlay Zettler, Karri Tuorila, Bob Walli, Tara Wilson, Luisa Cirimele, and Chris Croswell
  2. 10 years of service: Ryan MacDonald, Jamie Bell, Adam Carpino, Bev Sheremeto, and Craig Wood
  3. 15 years of service:Graham Hill, Rob Nagle, Chris Lunstroth, Gord Yates, Nick Novosky, Mark Jones, and Doug Sparks
  4. 30 years of service: Andy Jones

Township of Severn provides a range of fire and emergency services to protect life, property and the environment. We do this through education, prevention, investigation, training, rescue, fire suppression and basic life support services. Severn fire department relies on trained members from throughout our community who serve as volunteer firefighters.

To learn more about Severn’s Fire and Emergency Services department visit our Fire and Emergency Services page.


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