RVH Partners With IMD Health To Combat Medical Misinformation

RVH Health Library Technician Donna Smith-Roselle

The Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH)’s Health Library is pleased to partner with IMD Health to provide easily accessible, trusted health information for patients and their families.

“The spread of false and misleading information is increasingly prevalent in the age of social media, which has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic,” says RVH Health Library Technician, Donna Smith-Roselle. “Our new partnership will enable more people to have greater access to reliable information about their health.”

IMD Health is the largest digital patient education platform in Canada, bringing together content on more than 6,000 medical topics through a variety of media-rich formats, including articles, images, infographics, videos, and pamphlets.

Through extensive partnerships with over 100 trusted content providers, such as the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Paediatric Society, Canadian Mental Health Association, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, Diabetes Canada, Health Canada, March of Dimes Canada, and many more, the platform aims to bring patients easy-to-use, world-class resources that are relevant to their health journey at RVH and throughout the community.

“We are excited to offer credible, current health information all in one place to help advance patient-centered care and health literacy within our hospital and its external clinics. We have operated a Health Library now for 25 years, which is used by both the community and staff. The Health Library is an integral part of the hospital’s commitment to provide the newest, evidence-based health information to physicians, staff, patients, and visitors,” says Gail Hunt, RVH President and CEO.

The IMD portal is accessible to anyone for free and without registration through the RVH Health Library’s website or through the new patient portal, my health care.

“This is a positive step forward towards improving access to trusted patient education, while reducing the need for patients to search the internet where there is so much misinformation,” says Jared Sonnenberg, Vice President, Product & User Engagement at IMD Health. “We look forward to working with RVH to assist in providing more resources and digital access to their patients and families”.


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