Outdoor SaveStation Installed At James W. Kerr Park


The Town of Bracebridge, in partnership with TC Energy and the Bracebridge Tennis Club, have installed an outdoor year round SaveStation AED at James W. Kerr Park.

The purchase and installation of the SaveStation AED is a result of generous donations from TC Energy, who contributed $3,500, and the Bracebridge Tennis Club, who contributed $500. The Town of Bracebridge contributed to the installation. This is the third outdoor AED to be placed in Bracebridge.

Sudden Cardiac Arrests happen in Canada on average every 13 minutes. The good news is that there is over 75% survival rate when an AED is used within the first 10 minutes. For this reason, public-access AED’s that everyone can use are the difference to save a life.

The SaveStation at James W. Kerr Park is installed on the outside of the James W. Kerr Park Chalet in an outdoor cabinet. The SaveStation provides real-time feedback on the AED device, a climate-controlled cabinet, as well as alarm and photo control upon cabinet opening. The AED is available to anyone, at any time, to be used in a cardiac arrest emergency.


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