Muskoka Moves Into The Red Zone And People Are Upset


It was announced today (Friday) that Simcoe-Muskoka will enter the red zone effective Monday, Dec. 14.

People have been taking to social media to suggest Muskoka be paired with Parry Sound or Haliburton, not Simcoe County. The area of Simcoe County continues to see an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases.

Under red zone restrictions, any social gatherings or public events are limited to five or fewer people indoors and 25 people outdoors.

Restaurants, bars, and food and drink establishments can stay open but are limited to 10 people seated indoors and a maximum of four people seated together. Those businesses must be closed by 10 p.m. and stop serving alcohol by 9 p.m.

Sports and recreational facilities must also limit capacity to 10 people indoors in areas with weights or exercise machines and 10 people per indoor class or 25 people for an outdoor class. No spectators are permitted (except for one parent or guardian to supervise each person under 18 years old), and team sports cannot be practised or played except for training (no games or scrimmage).

Performing arts facilities are closed to spectators.

“I am adisappointed that Muskoka is being tied-in with the south-end of our Health Unit. Units covering a large geography with non-contiguous communities need to micro-target restrictions. This will be punishing on our retailers who have a very limited number of weeks/year to make money” said Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith on Twitter 

According to the province, trips outside the home should only be for essential reasons (work, school, groceries, health care, or exercise), and families should not visit other households or allow other visitors in their homes. Everyone should avoid social gatherings and work remotely where possible, notes the province.

You can follow the latest updates and regulations from the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit here.


  1. And what makes you think that we want to be tied in with them here in Haliburton when we are already tied to Lindsay. Your comments are foolish and if their is a tie in it should be between Muskoka and Haliburton minus Lindsay.


  2. I agree 100% with the comment re: Norm “do nothing” Miller.
    Can he not listen?
    Can he not voice an opinion?
    Maybe a propose a bill to exclude MUSKOKA from this lockdown?
    Time to be heard!!
    Loud and clear!

  3. I’m glad they’re finally doing this, if they had’ve put restrictions like this across the whole country months ago we could have saved peoples lives. This is Muskoka after all and basically shuts down this time of year anyway, anyone doing business here needs to understand that, its nothing new. I dont see how the restrictions are asking for anything unreasonable given the circumstances and it seems people just like to complain when asked to do anything remotely inconvenient such as giving people their distance, limiting where you go to essential places, washing your hands and wearing a mask. We need to be paired with places like Simcoe as a lot of travel happens between our areas and people who live here also work down there and vice versa. It feels like places like Parry Sound should have higher restrictions because of their vulnerable and aging population too. Due to tourism from the south where covid numbers are ridiculous and since our local governments care more about profits than people’s lives and have not implemented any restrictions on tourism based activities and “seasonal residents” and the self-centered & privileged actions common among those social classes who have excess wealth we are at an increased risk of people bringing it into our grocery stores, restaurants and medical offices. Especially if we were left with less restrictions than other areas around us it would make us look more reasonable to travel to. Its common sense and our Mayor does us a diservice complaining about money against people’s health. Like other out of touch “leaders” he seems oddly focused on money issues and profits. Its disappointing and frustratingly shortsighted. Sorry for the long winded comment lol


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