Muskoka Is Getting A Wine Festival To Kick Off Summer With Good Vibes


Muskoka Wine Festival kicks off summer with a world of flavours and fun

Just in time for the summer solstice, a new outdoor food and wine festival is set to launch amidst the deep blue waters and pine tree lined shoreline near Port Severn, Ontario.

The Muskoka Wine Festival, a one-of-a-kind afternoon event will take place AT THE LAKE, a gourmet grocery, beverage and events company run by Allison Vidug, a generational cottager with deep roots in the hospitality and wine community.

Located at Wawautosa Marina, just north of Port Severn off Highway 400, the large showroom will be filled with wine aficionados, wine agencies and winemakers for a day packed with artisanal foods and exclusive wines.  Guests will have the opportunity to taste and talk with the people who know their wines intimately.

AT THE LAKE will cater the event with a fresh oyster bar and a large grazeable cheese and charcuterie station.

“This event brings together the passions of the palate at the arrival of summer,” said Allison Vidug. “Muskoka Wine Festival brings the pure, vibrant joy of wine and food to this sublime setting and will spark the summer season like never before.”

Here is what attendees will experience with a ticket to the Muskoka Wine Festival:

  • An immersive afternoon in Muskoka
  • An abundance of artisanal wine samples
  • Meet the people behind the wines
  • On-site vendors and option to place orders for cottage delivery
  • The best cheese and charcuteries sourced from The Cheese Boutique
  • A fresh oyster bar, with freshly shucked oysters and all the accompaniments
  • Parking by car or boat

Here is a sampling of wine vendors that attendees can experience:

  • Quve – Known for its diversity, transparency & fun!
  • Maenade Wine Co. – The Maenades were wild, wine drinking women who followed Dionysis the Greek God of Wine.  This company has a free spirit and an unapologetic approach to making wine the way it wants, with a lot of dancing and singing along the way
  • Wine Lover’s Agency – Wine Lover’s Agency, a dedicated friend and supplier for many years

What: Muskoka Wine Festival

Where: At The Lake, Wawautosa Marina, just north of Port Severn off Highway 400

When: June 24, 2023 – Timeslots include 1-3 PM, 2-4 PM, 4-6 PM

Tickets can be purchased here


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