Male Arrested In Orillia For Stealing From Three Choir Members


The Orillia OPP say they were called on January 29th, 2023 to a local Orillia church.

An unidentified male had entered the church, located and removed items not belonging to him belonging to three female choir members. Upon fleeing the scene, the male entered a vehicle that was not his and attempted to start the vehicle with a set of keys that were removed from the church. The Keys broke off in the ignition and the male fled on foot. A debit card belonging to a female at the church was later used at a local convenience store. Orillia OPP officers located the male and placed him under arrest. He attempted to flee the officer’s custody but was unsuccessful. The male was identified and is currently on a Canada wide warrant for failing to adhere to his mandated parole conditions.     

Nicholas Grenci, 52 Years old of Ottawa, Ontario has been arrested in connection with this incident.

He is charged under the Criminal Code and has been remanded into custody for an appearance before a federal court on a later date.

His Charges include:

·      Theft – x3

·      Mischief

·      Possession of Proceeds of Crime

·      Resist Arrest – x2


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