Huntsville Prepares For The 2023 Budget With A 7% Tax Rate Increase

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Huntsville’s General Committee will be presented with the Draft 2023 Consolidated Budget. This will be Committee’s first review of the Consolidated Draft Budget for the 2022-2026 Term of Council.  The meeting will provide the opportunity for Committee to consider the strategic budget working group recommendations.

In an effort for the Town to continue to provide the same level of services that are currently offered, due to rising operational costs, the draft budget has been adjusted accordingly to ensure the resources needed to support these services are in place.  Denise Corry, Chief Administrator Officer noted, “We recognize the impact the proposed budget will have on our residents and that this is a difficult time for everyone. However, we can’t lose sight of the importance of services within a community not only for the vitality of the Town but for the well-being of the people in which we serve.  In addition to our core services and infrastructure, services such as the library, recreational facilities and programs are key factors in supporting a healthy community.”

The Draft 2023 Budget Highlight

The Draft 2023 Consolidated Budget brings forward several options for consideration, including the Council approved guideline that targets a budget with a 7% tax rate increase. The budget presented recommends the Town considers commitment to a tax rate that would see an increase of $42 per $100,000 of assessment for the year on the Town portion of the property tax bill. Of the rate increases proposed, Huntsville’s residential rate would continue to be competitive and the lowest Town tax rate in Muskoka at 0.4431%.

Draft 2023 Budget Considerations:

  • Current service levels would be maintained, and new desired programming would continue
  • Providing the addition of three new committees to address important initiatives: Active Transportation/ Public Transit, Community Services Master Plan, Waterfront Strategy as well as Environment and Climate Change
  • Rehabilitation and Renewal of the Town’s Infrastructure and Capital Funding Plans
  • New Columbarium at Hutcheson Cemetery
  • Fire Rescue Truck Replacement
  • Utterson Park and Multi-use Court infrastructure update
  • Lighting at McCulley Robertson Recreation Park
  • Rehabilitation of the Rotary Skate Park
  • Muskoka Heritage Place Historical Rehabilitation
  • Various roads preventative maintenance and renewal projects including: 20.15 km of brushing,  9.94 km of ditching and culvert work;  163 meters of sidewalk replacement;  6.45 km of slurry seal, and 1 km of urban renewal

Committee will discuss the recommendations in the Draft 2023 Consolidated Budget at 10:30 a.m. on February 16, 2023 in Council Chambers. The meeting agenda, staff report, and recommendations can be found at

Members of the public are welcome to watch the discussion in person or online at This Special General Committee meeting will be Committee’s first read of the complete budget, and formal confirmation of the budget will come at a later date.

For more information on the Town of Huntsville’s Budget process please visit


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