Hands The Family Help Network Announces Winners Of Family In Harmony Photo Contest

The first place image from the Family in Harmony photo contest, submitted by Erin Graham-Mitchell. Photo courtesy of Hands The Family Help Network

Hands The Family Help Network has announced the winners of the Family in Harmony photo contest, which asked families to submit photos showing how they’re taking care of their mental well-being in honour of Mental Health Week.

First place and a $500 gift card went to Erin Graham-Mitchell for a photo of her family’s band. Lisa Johnston took second place and received a $300 gift card for her pictures of her family enjoying time at the lake, while Jillian Dupuis came in third, winning a $200 gift card for a photo of her family climbing on a natural playground. The top three winners received gift cards to local businesses while those that placed fourth to seventh received a $25 Amazon gift card.

Nathalie Ouellette, senior manager of child and youth mental health services at Hands, said that the photo contest was an excellent way to connect with communities during a time where they haven’t been able to have much of a community presence.

“Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo,” Ouellette said. “It was wonderful to engage with families in this way and see so many beautiful pictures of families enjoying time together during this pandemic, and photos that also showed how hard it can be to be apart.” 

See the first four photos from the contest below (click to enlarge) and keep an eye on Hands Facebook Page to see the rest of the winning images. For more information about resources and support from Hands The Family Help Network and other community organizations, click here.


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