Gravenhurst’s Judy Humphries Receives Ontario Volunteer Service Award


Mayor Heidi Lorenz, on behalf of council, is pleased to announce that local resident Judy Humphries has received an Ontario Volunteer Service Award.

Humphries received the award in recognition of her contributions to the Gravenhurst Municipal Heritage Committee and the Gravenhurst Archives.

An award presentation took place in Huntsville yesterday.

“It was my privilege to nominate Judy for this prestigious provincial award. The town thanks Judy for her significant contributions towards the preservation of our community’s history. Judy has worked tirelessly through her involvement with our heritage committee and the Gravenhurst Archives,” Mayor Heidi Lorenz said.

Humphries has been chair of the Gravenhurst Archives since 2015. She has served on the Gravenhurst Municipal Heritage Committee since 2011. Humphries has also assisted several organizations, helping to tell their stories, and is an engaging guest speaker.

“We are so fortunate to have someone like Judy in our community. Her passion for Gravenhurst’s history helps ensure that future generations will have a better understanding of our town,” Mayor Lorenz said.


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