Dani Reiss Family Foundation Donates $1 Million To The Huntsville Hospital Foundation


Katherine Craine, Executive Director of the Huntsville Hospital Foundation, today announced a significant gift of over $1 Million to the hospital from The Dani Reiss Family Foundation. In late 2019, the Foundation committed to the gift supporting advanced technology for the hospital that helps our professionals save lives and that is not currently covered by provincial healthcare taxes.

President and CEO of Canada Goose, Dani Reiss enjoyed many years coming to the Huntsville/Lake of Bays area as a child, and now more recently spends time here with this own family.

“I strongly believe in giving back to the communities that we are a part of and inspired by,” said Reiss. “As a teaching hospital for doctors and nurses who are looking to apply their skills to northern Canada, Huntsville Hospital is known as a gateway to the North, and is a community that has long held a personal connection for me. Our hope is that this gift will inspire others to give.” Canada Goose also recently donated gowns and other protective equipment to support the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The technology and tools our doctors use to improve treatment and save lives here in the Huntsville area evolve every year,” says Craine. “That means the need is renewed every year and that makes every gift critical. The Reiss Family Foundation made their donation intentions known earlier this year, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We had hoped to thank them in person – but that will have to wait for better times ahead. For now, the community can visit our Facebook page and thank them as best one can on that platform.”

Huntsville Hospital Foundation fund-raising and programs are focused on generating the money needed to equip our hospital with advanced technology and tools not covered by provincial taxes. All donations are important to saving lives now, and to keeping our hospital up-to-date for whatever happens in the future. The Huntsville Hospital Foundation is committed to supporting healthcare for life here.


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