Canadian-Made Video Game Designed To Help Maintain Abilities And Quality Of Life For Children With Rare Disease


Raft Digital Therapeutics (Raft) and Biogen Canada are excited to announce the launch of the demo version of Cloud Bazaar, an interactive therapeutic video game. Developed in Canada, Cloud Bazaar promotes physical activity in young players with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare and degenerative neuromuscular disease. The game aims to help players maintain physical abilities and improve health outcomes, while promoting a higher quality of life by making at-home therapeutic exercise fun and engaging.

Equipped with motion capture technology, the game tracks and responds to movements through the built-in camera on players’ computers as they navigate increasingly difficult levels. It engages young players by placing them on a “mission” in which they fly an airship that protects the fictional city of the Cloud Bazaar. To do so, they are challenged to complete a set of guided movements that were developed in consultation with, and based on, feedback from neuromuscular disease experts and youth in the SMA community.

“The most important aspect of developing the Cloud Bazaar to us was getting active participation and feedback from young people living with SMA,” said Raft CEO and physiatrist, Dr. Geoff Frost. “Our intention is to build a gaming experience that’s not only physically beneficial and enriching for players, but that’s fun and engaging so they’re keen to keep integrating therapeutic exercise into their everyday lives. Their involvement was central to making this happen.”

“Regular therapeutic exercise is crucial for maintaining physical abilities in young SMA patients, and we are proud to introduce Cloud Bazaar as a unique online game that makes physical activity fun while also promoting social inclusivity through its diverse community of users,” said Eric Tse, General Manager of Biogen Canada. “Biogen is devoted to addressing areas of unmet patient need, and our drive to innovate led us to partner with Raft to create a made-in-Canada technology that supports this rare disease community.”

The demo version of Cloud Bazaar was also recently recognized for its interactive content and rich media in the Web-Based Digital Health category at the 2022 Digital Health Awards®. Available in English and French, Cloud Bazaar is free, web-based and doesn’t require a console, making the game highly accessible for patients and families who live with SMA and may face additional financial pressures due to the disease. It also promotes inclusivity by enabling players to invite and challenge others to play and compete, either within or outside the SMA community, regardless of their level of ability.

Raft co-developed Cloud Bazaar with founding partner, Biogen Canada.

The demo is available for download on Windows at


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