Canada Post Says Canadians Should Expect Parcel Delays For Foreseeable Future

Photo courtesy of Canada Post

Canada Post says that Canadians should expect parcel delays for the foreseeable future as the mail service works to deliver record levels of mail while maintaining safety measures like physical distancing. 

Parcel deliveries grew at a record pace from April to May, according to Canada Post, leading to an all-time, one-day record on May 19. A total of 2.1 million parcels were delivered to Canadians that day, which is about three times the usual number of deliveries for this time of year. Along with increased volumes of mail, more Canadians are ordering larger household items such as mini-fridges or barbecues that often require a two-person lift, creating added safety challenges and delays.

“As Canadians continue to ramp up and diversify their online shopping, Canada Post is responding to unprecedented parcel volumes while maintaining important physical distancing measures in all our facilities,” said a statement from the mail service on May 26. “Processing record parcel volumes in plants that were never designed to keep people two metres apart takes more time.”

To address the increased demand, Canada Post is processing and delivering on weekends while also enlisting the help of trained temporary employees. Some parcels will be transferred to other Canada Post locations for processing in order to reduce delays based on capacity, according to Canada Post, so customers tracking their items may notice their parcel is taking a different route than usual.

“We understand the importance of these items, especially at this time, and thank Canadians for their patience and understanding,” the statement said. “Our employees are working hard to serve and we’ll continue to keep customers updated on our progress.”

For further updates and information related to Canada Post and their response to COVID-19, visit the Canada Post website.


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