Britton Gallery Supports Muskoka Conservancy With Generous Donation


Muskoka Conservancy has received a generous donation from local artist, Miranda Britton, of Britton Gallery in Bracebridge. Britton designed a limited-edition pendant that was for sale throughout April–Earth Month—and donated proceeds to support nature conservation in Muskoka.

Muskoka Conservancy’s mission is to protect nature in Muskoka. Britton, who creates minimalist jewellery at her studio in Bracebridge, is inspired by the natural world, and could see the alignment in values and chose to create a limited-edition Shoreline Pendant featuring Muskoka’s iconic White Pine shore.

“I’m really thrilled with the response that this project received,” said Britton. “Hearing stories from people about their favourite shorelines and discovering how passionate people are about protecting natural spaces within our community was really heartening. I love that wearing this pendant helps people stay connected with this passion.”

The resulting circular design for the pendant featured trees on a shoreline created from brushed and oxidized sterling silver.

“When designing this piece, I tried to distill the essence of the shoreline and how the water and land meet one another,” said Britton when asked about her inspiration for the design. “The design of the pendant seemed to really resonate with people, so I feel like I was successful in what I sought out to create.”

Britton donated half the proceeds from the sales of the Shoreline Pendant to the Conservancy. This donation will help acquire more ecologically sensitive land in Muskoka for the purpose of nature conservation.
The local land trust currently permanently protects 4,000 acres of beautiful land, 60,500 feet of natural shoreline, and more than 700-acres of wetlands in Muskoka.

“We are thrilled to have the support of one of Muskoka’s leading artists,” said Scott Young of Muskoka Conservancy. “In the Shoreline Pendant, as with all her work, Miranda has captured the essence of Muskoka in an elegant and enduring piece people can wear close to their heart.”

Britton Gallery, located at 169 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge, features contemporary art and fine art in addition to Miranda’s jewelry. You can learn more about Muskoka Conservancy at


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