Battalion Players Join NNDSB’s Anti-Bullying Team

Dalyn Wakely is a Battalion player who is participating in Near North District School Board’s character education program for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.

North Bay Battalion players are working with Near North District School Board (NNDSB) to create a video, lesson and activity that highlight the importance of using personal positive character traits to combat bullying. The video will support teachers in launching the conversation with their students and help children identify what their individual traits are, how those traits can be used to help others and how they support achieving their goals.

This initiative, Character Cards, is part of the board’s annual Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, Nov. 20-26. Content designed specifically for this week highlights various components of the Safe Schools Framework and incorporates lessons, resources and activities that challenge students to think about how their actions could help cultivate safety and inclusivity in their classrooms, schools and neighbourhood communities.

NNDSB sees the Battalion players as natural leaders who can help our students understand how their character traits can help them achieve their goals. Players are resilient, hardworking individuals who contribute to their team and their communities and demonstrate care and concern for others. We believe that these players are the ideal role models to support our students in identifying their own character traits and determining how they can put those traits to work to better their schools and their communities.

Players shared with the NNDSB team their own experiences about participating in bullying awareness and prevention programs.

Left winger Owen Van Steensel said that he’s happy schools are talking about bullying. He said that the Battalion talks about bullying and harassment and he feels these conversations create, “a really good environment and a safe space” for all players.

Defenceman Paul Christopoulos reiterated the importance of talking about bullying, sharing that Battalion coaches “bring in mental health and bullying awareness people to make us aware of how it affects your mental health. It’s important because it makes people aware that they have someone to talk to.”

Centre Dalyn Wakely believes all students should have access to an open line of communication to talk about bullying, whether with their teachers, friends or someone that they trust. Wakely’s advice to students who are being bullied is to “lean on the people that you trust and I’m sure they will help you.”

As part of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, students will be creating their own hockey cards that outline their character traits and how they are helpful in having positive relationships. Battalion players will be visiting NNDSB schools starting with Alliance, Sunset Park and Vincent Massey. Players will be chatting with students about their character trait hockey cards.

Creating safe, welcoming and accepting learning environments in which all NNDSB students can thrive is of utmost importance to the board. NNDSB is thankful to the Battalion players for sharing their positive character traits with students and modelling positive contributions to communities. The Character Cards initiative exemplifies NNDSB’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning and excellence in relationships.


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