Avoid Non-Essential Travel On The Lakes And Rivers


Spring is in the air and much of the ice on area lakes and rivers has melted away, tempting boaters to venture out. Warmer air temperatures, however, provide a false sense of security as the water is still extremely cold and even strong swimmers are unable to cope with the cold water shock and lose muscle control very quickly.

Bracebridge OPP would like to remind the public to follow the Ontario Ministry of Health’s recommendations to stay home and avoid non-essential travel in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, but if you must be on the waterways, below are a few reminders and safety tips: Boating is not prohibited.

  • Always wear a life jacket, it will significantly increase your chance of surviving the cold water, should you be exposed;
  • Share your plans and a timeline with someone you trust;
  • Check the weather before you go out and check the water temperature;
  • If it is very cold, consider staying off the water until warmer temperatures are achieved;
  • Ensure that you have the necessary safety equipment on board.

Emergency situations that arise either on the water or at water-access only locations can be very stressful and dangerous for emergency responders. “We appreciate the public’s ongoing support in ensuring everyone’s safety,” Bracebridge OPP says.

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  1. Why not close all public boat launches in Muskoka unless it’s an essential service? This upcoming weekend will be ridiculously busy with people going to their cottages. How do they maintain ‘physical distancing’ with more than one person in a boat anyway?

  2. Shouldn’t be opposite??
    Like allowing people To go away from high density populated areas to lesser if they can …
    spread them apart.
    If they have property habitat or boat

    If u force them in to high density areas spread is inevitable.

    However prohibit wandering around by tourists and covidiots…

  3. Sadly by travelling out of your home area to go to the cottage isn’t wise. For one spreading a virus. Two you could be a carrier not even knowing it. Three its not going to be cool stuck in your car for who knows hours waiting to launch your boat when all boat launches are closed till further notice.

  4. Considering most of your tax dollars are paid by those cottages you dont seem to want around! How about the region not charge all cottages tax this year all the locals or government dependents pay all the taxes for the region. With that said I’d go to my cottage and f you if you have a problem with it!

  5. You really got a problem thinking things through if you think that the virus is only in the cities. Are you thinking if the cottagers stay in the cities you have the freedom to move around as you wish? Just look at Yoda’s comment “covadoid”, last time I checked Canadian / Human. This is how things get started in a bad way. We have no chance with this type of behaviour. Btw. food comes from the cities. I have not heard (yet) not to send anything up to cottage country. Extra ventilators come from city hospitals and so on and so on. We are in this together, learn because this is going to be a while.


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