Athletes Continue To Shine With Huntsville Women’s Soccer League


Competition during Week 5 for the Huntsville Women’s Soccer League is in the books with once again plenty of hard paced action from all players!

Cottage Country Flowers entered their match vs. Kim O’Grady Chestnut Park Real Estate determined to show that their first place standing is no fluke. The Kim O’Grady squad set them back on their heels with a resounding 3-1 victory to seal a much needed victory.

While in the adjacent match, Muskoka Tea Company came out more organized and structured than in previous matches, but still succumbed to a fast rising The SportLab team by  score of 5-2.

Players of the Match for Week 5 were Emily Lamb, Lauren Vermeulen, Kate Franks and Sandra Bauer Heinz.

Huntsville Women’s Soccer League returns to action next Monday, June 26th at Conroy Park in Huntsville.


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