Water First Ambassador Nadia George Brings Awareness To Water Issues Affecting Indigenous Communities

Nadia George Indigenous Activist & Water First Ambassador
Image: Michelle MacLeod Photography, as part of the "Beautiful Mixed Creatures" project by Dejauna Leblanc.

In recognition of World Water Day, which takes place on March 22 annually, Water First Ambassador and Indigenous Activist Nadia George is raising awareness about critical water issues affecting Indigenous communities across Canada.

Sustainable access to safe, clean water in Indigenous communities continues to be a pressing issue in Canada.

18% of First Nation communities across Canada, and 35% of First Nation communities in Ontario, are under a drinking water advisory.

“Having watched a loved one suffer from the effects of toxic drinking water, this is an issue that I hold close to my heart,” said Nadia. “I’ve personally witnessed the collaborative work that Water First does with Indigenous communities, and it gives me hope that one day no one will have to suffer the pain of watching a loved one affected by unsafe water.”

Drinking water challenges are complex: in some communities, local concerns may be around infrastructure, for others, source water contamination. And numerous communities have challenges recruiting and training young Indigenous adults to join the drinking water field.

Located in Creemore, Ontario, Water First is a leading charitable organization committed to working with local Indigenous groups to solve water issues.

Water First has worked with over 70 Indigenous communities on drinking water and environmental water challenges, along with hands-on water science education with Indigenous students.

They have also garnered support from high-profile celebrities including Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.


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