Bracebridge Welcomes Another Hallmark Movie

Photo courtesy of the Town of Bracebridge

A message from the Town of Bracebridge:

The Hallmark Movie Channel will be filming part of an autumn movie called “Tycoon’s Kiss” during the week of October 13-17 in Downtown Bracebridge. Film crews will be onsite transforming sections of our Downtown into a small American town. Businesses will be open as usual.

During the filing week there will be intermittent pedestrian stoppages in the downtown area; a road closure on Manitoba Street from Taylor Road to Dominion Street (October 15-16); restricted parking in some sections; and the complete closure of one parking lot in Downtown Bracebridge.

Intermittent Pedestrian Stoppages:
• Manitoba Street from Taylor Road to Dominion Street will experience intermittent pedestrian stoppages of up to 3 minute intervals while filming is taking place (October 15 and 16).
Parking Lot Closure:

• The Hiram Street Parking lot will be closed from October 13 to October 17th.
Road Closure:

• Manitoba Street from Taylor Road to Dominion Street will be closed on October 15 from 7am – 11:30 pm and October 16 from 8:00 am until midnight (approximate times).
Restricted Parking Options:

• There will be restricted parking on sections of Dominion Street.
Recognizing the importance of the Manitoba Street thoroughfare, the Town of Bracebridge and the District of Muskoka will ensure that signage, to inform the public of potential delays, is in place well in advance of this event. Residents are asked to consider their downtown parking options and travel routes October 15 and 16th.


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