RVH Closing Its COVID-19 Testing Clinic At 29 Sperling Drive

Gile Photo From Un Splash

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is closing the COVID-19 Testing Clinic at 29 Sperling Drive effective April 11.

“The decision to close the clinic is due to decrease in demand for community PCR tests,” says Sharon Ramagnano, RVH Operations Director, Emergency, Critical Care, Trauma and Sperling COVID Assessment Centre. “In addition, RVH is following the current Ontario Ministry of Heath direction which no longer requires hospital staff to have a PCR test if they have COVID symptoms. Clinic staff will be relocated to the COVID, Cold and Flu Care Clinic still operating at 29 Sperling Drive.”

RVH has played a key role in the testing of TEAM RVH and local residents for COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Testing started as a drive-thru service on RVH’s property and then, in September of 2020, moved to the current location at 29 Sperling Drive. Since 2020, more than 270,000 tests have been completed through RVH’s clinic.

People requiring a PCR test can still book one at participating pharmacies by using this link  COVID-19 testing locations (ontario.ca)


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