New North Bay School Named Maple View Public School


Students of the new elementary school in North Bay will be MVPs after trustees of the Near North District School Board accepted the naming committee’s recommendation to select Maple View Public School as the new school’s name. The selection was made at last night’s Board meeting.

The decision was the culmination of several months of work by the committee, which oversaw multiple opportunities for public consultation.

The public was invited to submit a name and rationale in one survey period. After that, the committee created a shortlist of three names, which were included in a survey for voting by the public.

Survey data indicated that Maple View Public School was the top choice.

According to the process outlined by the naming committee, the top name was to be the one forwarded to the Board.

The new school, which will bring together the students of E.W. Norman and E.T. Carmichael Public Schools, is set to open in September 2023.

The committee report is available in the Committee of the Whole agenda package.


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