Muskoka District Council Approves A New Climate Strategy For Muskoka


On December 21, 2020, Muskoka District Council approved a comprehensive climate strategy designed to tackle climate change at both corporate and community levels.

The strategy, titled “A New Leaf: Muskoka’s Climate Strategy” (A New Leaf), is a set of integrated directions and practical actions proposed to manage and reduce Muskoka’s contribution to climate change, and to prioritize adaptation goals, actions, and programs to prevent or minimize the impacts of projected local climatic changes.  The strategy also includes Muskoka’s corporate climate change action plan which is design to strengthen Muskoka’s resiliency to climatic changes and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

A New Leaf follows a Climate Emergency declaration made by Muskoka District Council on October 19, 2020, a declaration that deepens the District’s commitment to protecting Muskoka’s economy, community, and ecosystems from the impacts of our changing climate. Over the past several months, District staff have worked closely with members of Climate Action Muskoka, who have expressed their support for the New Leaf Climate Strategy, and who have agreed to continue to work in partnership with the District to ensure that meaningful climate action is undertaken across the community.

“Our natural environment is the cornerstone of Muskoka’s cultural and economic legacy” shares District Chair John Klinck.  “A strong, comprehensive climate strategy is essential in the stewardship of our natural environment and to ensure the future vitality of our communities.  The New Leaf strategy presents an important action plan for working together with our partners to address climate change in Muskoka and protect our most valuable asset for future generations.”

The strategy will launch in early 2021 through the District’s engagement platformEngageMuskoka, and the District will seek participation from community members and stakeholders to be become involved in the strategy as it unfolds.


  1. Everyone in local government will be removed in a few short years because of stunts like this. This is straight up communism, there is no such thing as climate change in Muskoka.


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